One year later Larva Lumps And Baby Bumps, New York based piooners Controlled Bleeding (Paul Lemos, Mike Bazini, Tony Meola, Chvad SB) return with a new album. Carving Songs is a remix 21-tracks album, including an unreleased track titled “Trod”. It will be out on August 18h via Artoffact Records and involves Merzbow, Justin K. Broadrick (Godflesh), Weasel Walter, Crowhurst, Ramleh, Child Bite, and many others. We are glad to premiere the Barnacles (aka Matteo Uggeri) rework of  “As Evening Implodes“. You can listen to it below and read our talk with the founding member Paul Lemos.

“Carving Songs” is a massive remix album and will include also a new track titled “Trod”. What about this track and the choice to include an unreleased track in a remix album?

I view CARVING SONGS as an album of NEW music, using basic threads from LARVA LUMPS…It really is not a remix album but a set of total re -configurations of our original ideas…So,  it made sense to include a major new piece, TROD, in this context. Our  other two contributions are also  radical alterations of the originals. But TROD, for me, is a beautiful opening to a complex aural journey. It is also one of the very best things we have  put to tape…

How was the idea of this remix album born? How did you selected artists that contributed to the album?

We had never done a remix project in all the years of the band’s existence, and most remix records are not satisfying to me at all…So, with Carving Songs I wanted to bring old friends and newer musical acquaintances into our collaborative world and create something powerful, unified, musically challenging- Something quite different from the usual remix album. Because I am friends  with the  artists involved,  and also a real fan of their work…the participants took this challenge very seriously…and hopefully they were not offended by my sometimes annoying input and feedback…Through the process of many months these recordings came together

There will be different versions of the limited editions vinyl. It seems a good way to push the listener to prefer the physical version and increase the listening “experience”. What is your thought about the new ways to enjoy the music (streaming platforms, spotify, youtube, etc.)  compared also to the start of your career?

Personally, I never download music and never bother listening online…I’m only interested in the hard copy CD…A record like this was meant to be played loud as fuck on big speakers…not streamed through computer speakers or cell phones. It’s great that people have access to the music through digital means, but it also makes music kind of disposable…I leave it to the record company to present the music as they need to in order to cover the expenses of the project…They need to make money if they are to continue supporting bands…But really, I hate the fact that I have lost all control of the way the music is presented. I dislike the fact that hundreds of songs can be randomly selected and that there is no focus on the individual albums, each a unified set of tracks…

Artwork of “Carving Songs ”is amazing. What about it?

Gregory Jacobsen, a great painter and musician from Chicago, was kind enough to develop  re-configurations of his original LARVA LUMPS cover paintings…in keeping with the concept of the record. I love a lot of Gregory’s work and am grateful to him for his generosity in allowing us to present his paintings.

You’re always explored different styles over the years. What is your definition of  experimentation related also to the background of your works?

Well, after Joe and Chris passed away, I had no choice but to find other musical pathways…In some ways I regressed, returning to the role that was always most comfortable to me, being a guitar player. Working with Chvad SB and Mike Bazini has been such a great experience and has allowed the music to progress in ways that were never possible before. The possibilities for the next album are endless and as exciting as ever…Experimentation is just delving into places that intuitively feel right…Because we don’t do this for money, we are not bound by the need to sell records for our livelihood, and that allows total freedom to produce exactly what might be in hearts and minds  at any given time…

Are you planning a tour? How do you conceive your live shows?

I would love to come back to Europe and tour, but we have had a very hard time getting a set together. Right now we need to focus on the recordings…I’m really hoping that we will perform next year. You know, since we all work full time, it is just  hard to find time to do both effectively…

What are the best releases you appreciate recently?

I love the recent collaboration, “ONEIRIKA”, between Zeitkratzer and Elliott Sharp, the newest NECKS album is just beautiful…Portal’s “VEXOVOID” just fucking kills…Fujita & Jelinek is nice…new Slowdive, Eno’s Reflection and Ocean(??) , Floor’s OBLATION, John Luther Adams’ Becoming Ocean…Jean Schwarz 1974-1986 collection…are some of my recent favorites.