Fieldhead is the solo project of Leeds based musician and sound artist Paul Elam. two years later Vancouver 21-01-12, he returned with a new album. We’ve All Been Swimming is out now via Home Assembly Music. It features Elaine Reynolds. Full Streaming is available below.

Tensely wound synths lead throughout the album, shifting from the breathless momentum of the openingtrack through to pulses reminiscent of Colin Stetson on ‘Ton’. The unique violin playing of Elaine Reynolds glides sparingly across the record, tempering the constantly shifting arpeggios and accentuating the human elements within the record’s machine-like core. The haze found on previous releases still hangs, but now it’s the haze of a crowded street or the last train home.

‘We’ve All Been Swimming’ is a concise and inspired attempt to reduce electronica down to the things that matter, with a narrative and sense of longing pervading the album reminiscent of Clark or Boards of Canada. It’s the sort of work to be devoured in one sitting – that rarest of modern day beasts – where the tracks flow effortlessly into one another and finish leaving you wanting more.