Lourd Rebels is the Italian duo that involves Rodolfo Villani e Luigi Bonora. Two years later debut full-length Snuff Safari, they return with a new album. Lolita will be out on Aagoo Records. We are glad to premiere the official video of the first excerpt “Rimini Rimini Rimini“. It was filmed, directed and edited by Rodolfo Villani and Luigi Bonora.

Their words about the video: “The idea of “Rimini Rimini Rimini” is born from the suggestion of certain places and certain atmospheres of the Romagna Riviera in Italy, the idyll of the sea, beaches and umbrellas against bad arcades, drugs and drug-related illnesses. This is a typically Italian imagery that hides its dark side and that we try to revive even ironically by bringing to light its negative. Using an old video camera 8 we tried to to evoke these atmospheres“.

About the album:
Lolita was born as a concept-album, a tribute to the literary work of Vladimir Nabokov, already honored by Kubrick and Lyne. We think that especially today It has something teach us about being different (artistically and musically) and the resulting social problems, about the fear of ourselves and the strength of breaking with musical conventions. “Lolita” is a place where different fantasies and suggestions can dialogue, an ironic play on our identities, both personal and musical, and a trip into the lingering memory of rock waste, post-punk and analogue electronics that still today invade our musical imagination, where a young Dolores Haze talks with Franken stein’s monster, and they understand each other perfectly. But “Lolita” wants to be even an assumption of cultural responsibility towards the difficulty of deep access to a certain type of literature and knowledge, and the will to stand outside, in another perspective.