Anigo is the moniker of German singer-songwriter and musician Anita Goß. She shared different tracks on her soundcloud page and we introduced here with the band version of “Dust and Corpses”. She started a crowfunding campaign for the release of her debut album via Indiegogo. We had a little talk with the German artist. Read below after the streaming of the track.

You’re releasing your debut album. How has been the creative process and what are the main inspirations?
I’ve been writing songs continuously for about 2 years now. Sometimes it is only one word phrase that appears in my mind from which I build songs and melodies. And sometimes a complete song comes out from an improvisation moment – The Sea for example. It depends on time, mood and the life that happens around me. I observe my environment – my lyrics reveal what moves me – personally, socially, politically – in the positive as well as in the negative contexts. I think I am inspired by my experience, the world and always by music. I’m a big David Bowie fan, love Radiohead and I’m just totally into the new record of Roger Waters. All three artists symbolize musical innovation for me. This also intrigues me. What can I do, what has not yet existed? How far can I go and be as close as possible at the same time? Sometimes when the good spirits of creativity visit me, magic might happen. Actually it’s all about magic. Isn`t it?
You’re collaborating with Joe Cardamone (Icarus Line), right? What about this partnership?
We will work together in August – so I cannot tell you that much about it now. But we have found each other across six corners – a common acquaintance wanted to connect us – but it never happend. So one year later I have found this mail again in which Joe was mentioned and so I listened to his music for the first time this April. I was immediately fascinated by his song ‘Out of the road’ which sounds to me like a completely new digital style of Rock’n’Roll with a really intensive spirit. After I heard it I wrote him – he liked my stuff and we started to talk about a record. Here we are now. I am really looking forward to our time together.
You started a crowfunding campaign for the release of your debut album. Tell us more.
The campaign will be online on Indiegogo until the end of July. Here you can buy the album in advance but also other things, like a personal poem or an ANIGO motive by the photo artist Peter Hönnemann. Together with him, I have also created the campaign video that contains excerpts from the upcoming music video Dust and Corpses.
Even if I should not reach the funding goal – I feel the campaign is already successful. I have received a lot of positive feedback – even from people that I hardly know or used to know better a long time ago. I am really grateful about this help and any support. I hope I will raise a bit more money – every cent counts and gives me more freedom to prepare the record.
The band version of “Dust and Corpses” marked a possible sound direction of your future work?
It will surely sound different – because of Joe’s influence, ears and creativity – but in what way I can’t tell yet. I wanna stay open for this journey. Maybe Dust and Corpses could also be developed a bit more … This song has a really special meaning to me – because of it I have started my musical way – it symbolizes my will to create music for my life. The lyrics are dark – but there was this magic for me from the first rough version until now to this band version with the guys. There was a ghost with us.
In 2005 you performed “Gedankencappuccino” – in some German cities – a project which combines lyric, music and photography. Tell us more about it.
I have started to write poems quite early at the age of 11 or 12 … the first time I presented these to the public was still during my schooldays as the “Gedankencappuccino”. It was an ongoing exhibition, but also a reading to which music ran simultaneously as well as photographs of me or associations to the texts were shown. Laughing businessmen, girls on shopping tours – all I already found a bit idiotic or that symbolized a certain social superficiality.
Are you planning a tour? How much is important the visual part for the live shows?
Absolutely yes. The first concerts will hopefully take place at the end of the year … let’s see how everything goes with the album – then go on. The visual part is very important to me. Eyes and ears can mutually enrich and inspire each other. I could imagine to work with an video artist – I like it when arts meet … And light is anyway very decisive for tension and feeling. Maybe I’ll just let a candle burn in the dark … we’ll see.
What are the best release you appreciate recently?
As already mentioned, I am into the new record of Roger Waters – “Is this the life we really want”. For lyrical reasons – but also because of the musical pledges, entanglements – and the instrumentation … cool stuff. The producer Nigel Godrich also has a significant influence on Radiohead. You can definitely hear parallels.