A few months collaboration with Giulio Aldinucci, Swiss artist Francis M. Gri returned with a new work. Apart is out now via KryslaiSound. His words about this three tracks:

Last year I found in my backup HD the firsts recordings made from the unpublished Apart albums called “In this room” and “Hidden reflections” recorded in 2003 and 2005. Nothing special honestly…
Anyway I tried to open the track sessions but my current recording software wasn’t able to run Protools old version. So I decided, just for fun, to take the best samples from the audio folders, and rework them for making new music. The results are two long takes called “In this room” and “Hidden reflections”. No new tracks were added, all you can listen are the original samples stretched, detuned, reversed and effected. I’m pretty proud of this work and I decided to publish the album as free download.
Another track called “Last” is included in this “gift” album, recorded last year and never used. The album is titled “Apart”, hope you’ll enjoy…”. Full streaming is available below.