Two years later Dangerous Orbits, French electroacoustic composer Bérangère Maximin released a new album. Frozen Refrains is out now via Atlas Realisation. “Wax Melody” and “Les Boucles Rebelles” are two excerpts available for streaming. Listen below.

Across seven multilayered pieces the album explore themes of multiplicity, possible futures, subjectivity, dissonant emotions, and memory as a force of imagination, reinvention, and power. Its narrative is anchored in musical tradition while also challenging it, incorporating strategies of Musique Concrète and acoustic transformation.
Raised on the remote French colonial island of Reunion, Maximin takes pleasure in contradiction and contemplation, sculpting fragmented sequences of loops, signal drift, and electroacoustic texture into “digital chimeras.” Her music connects digital and physical, isolation and lyricism, revealing the latent melodies within intricate, abstracted sound.