I am the best in what I do, but what I do isn’t so nice”. These are words from Wolferine, the popular super hero. On the other hand Baltimora based band Future Islands could say “we are the best in what we do, and what we do is very nice”. In fact the renaissance of synth pop all over the world passes through many experiences, but the crown of the best performers of this electronic side of pop goes to them. Elegant, soft, warm, a perfect mix between pop and synthetizers, the music of Future Islands offers positive vibrations.

Future Islands give form to visions, emotions, stories using wisely the solutions that technology offers, keeping the point that the most important thing is to create pop songs.  The explosion of Singles in 2014 has given to Samuel T.Herring, Gerrit Welmers, William Cashion great success and liability in indie rock scene, for their powerful live shows and the appeal of the particular voice of Samuel. Intense, suffered and delicate at the same time, their songs have taken a special place in indie rockers’ heart.

The Far Field, out in 2017 for 4AD, offers the same tension and elegance, in some cases recalling the best pages of Cock Robin, undervalued pop band of the eighties, and surprising the listener by paying in the best possible way their tribute to Fleetwood Mac and their divine pop music. If you listen to the first track “Alladin” and “Time on her Side” this feeling is intense. All songs are beautiful, with “Run” representing the best episode: 4/4, synth textures, deep bass line, a breathtaking melody and Samuel’s hot blooded voice to capture heart and soul. One of the best albums of 2017. Chapeau.