Last year we introduced New York-based producer Andrew Cosentino and his album Gosh (Hush Hush Records). He announced the release of a new album titled Islip Speedway that will be out this week on June 25th. Artwork by Bannai Roo.

His words about the album:

I recorded it over the past year at my apartment in Jackson Heights, Queens (New York).  I play all of the instruments (Guitar, piano, synthesizers, banjo, qinqin, bulbul tarang, kalimba, flute, and assorted percussion) except for some of the saxophone parts, which were played by a friend.  

I also do a good amount of sampling, particularly for vocals. I love the earnestness you find sometimes in the voices of people who sing on youtube,  and so I try to capture that when possible.  Rap mixtapes were also a big influence, especially as far as the feel and flow of the album as a whole.  I wanted the album to have its own sense of place and atmosphere, and also sound like somebody could’ve sold it to you out the trunk of their car. remains one of my most visited websites, even in 2017“.

We have the pleasure to premiere the track “Useful Objects”. Listen below.