Here we are again, with a last post (we promise) to tell you more about the best live shows we enjoyed at this latest Primavera Sound edition.

Arcade Fire.

Nothing more to say about them. They are one of the best live band ever, even if you don’t like their new sound. Both the shows were full of life with a lot of fun seeing great musicians doing their job in a magnificent and joyful way. Never tired to see them.

Bon Iver.

The Winsconsin-based songwriter performed one of the most moving show ever. Every song, every single word was sung and shouted directly from his heart. No surprise that even an album full of electronic and R&B pitches like 22, A Million could have sounded so human and heartfelt through his vocal cords.

Flying Lotus.

Steven Ellison played his set at 3 in the morning at Ray Ban stage and we could have called it a phenomenon of collective hypnosis. The psychedelic mix of his whirlwind visuals and his piercing low pitches made our hearts and guts tremble.


22-years old Australian songwriter Sophie Payten (aka Gordi) first played Wednesday night at Parc the Forum opening for Local Natives and Saint Etienne. She was probably not used to such a big audience but she managed the pressure perfectly and she came up with a great concert which gained the attention of all the presents, even the ones who were there just for the following headliners (you fools!).


The sister trio from Los Angeles was probably a surprise as big as unexpected at this last Primavera Sound edition. They played between 3 and 4 am in the central Ray Ban stage and they were visibly on fire. Alternating wisely their best successes, tracks from their upcoming new album, and gracious sketches involving their characters and personalities Danielle, Este and Alana won over the entire festival with their contagious enthusiasm.

Haim Live at Ray Ban Stage.


Another band that you can see hundreds of times and never get tired of. People love them because their shows are full of passionate energy and “good” ferocity, something that isn’t so common through other bands. If you missed them, you have to fix it as soon as you can.


They were a kind of surprise because their exhibition was funny and intense. They have perfectly performed the dialogue between different cultures and different musical styles that is the aim of the project. Shye Ben Tzur & The Rajasthan Express featured the show. Great musicians, great sound.


They were one of the most expected act of this year and didn’t disappoint the expectations. High-pitched volume, a lot of noise, perfect coordination on the stage, long and exciting instrumental sessions. A shiver rundown on my spine for the full show.

Weyes Blood.

She performed two shows. Mango house performance was deep and intimate (which is also a trait of her music); the Saturday show was performed with the full band and Nathalie Mering proved all her graceful prominence and charisma. A stunning mix of delicateness, intimacy and solemnity.

William Tyler.

There were just few people listening to this young guitar virtuoso from Tenessee during his set at Primavera Stage, but they surely were a lucky bunch. His modern attitude towards country and the lightness and quickness of his fingers over the strings bewitched us all and at the end of his concert we felt like waking up from a dream.

All photos by Giacomo Cortese.