Eventually even the best dreams come to an end, and that’s true also for Primavera Sound. Our third day started with a brief press conference where we’ve been confirmed that the new surprise-concerts tradition is here to stay, and that 2017’s line-up choices, made to attract a younger audience, have been a success, granting an even longer and more prosper life to the festival, which BTW next year will take place from May 31st to June 2nd.

Comforted by these reassuring news we reached the Ray Ban stage, where Angel Olsen performed a valuable concert. American Singer-songwriter showed all her charm and grace with a powerful and animated live show. One of the best performance of this year.

Angel Olsen playing at Ray Ban Stage.

After a quick step to Mango to taste some minutes of Metronomy’s psychedelic kaleidoscope, we moved to Primavera Bits, on the other side of the festival, to enjoy the dark electronic set of Kelly Lee Owens, a promising young British producer. Her live was a crescendo which started a little bit subdued but which convinced us more and more after every song, to end in a triumph of piercing basses and enthralling echoes.

22 years old King Krule (aka Archy Marshall) rode Pitchfork stage in the exact moment Arcade fire were playing on the Heineken one. Nonetheless, his show was quite crowded. And deservedly. This young British songwriter, who will soon release his third studio album, performed a deeply engaging live, mixing skilfully extremely different music genres like punk jazz, dark wave and hip hop. He also presented a new song, The Locomotive, which will most probably be included in his upcoming new work.

Quite different but equally intense, Japandroids came up with an honest and fierce indie rock show. The Vancouver-based duo, which has just released its third album Near to the Wild Heart of Life, has the sound, the right experience, the attitude and a loyal audience: all the ingredients for a successful and captivating exhibition.

At 3 am, while the night was coming to its end, the third and last surprise of Primavera 2017 had been announced through the official app. LA-based Haim were going to play in 5 minutes at Ray Ban stage. With all the remaining people crowded for their show, the three sisters, visibly excited, presented numerous songs from their upcoming new album Something to Tell You (out on July 7th via  Columbia). The explosive and compelling blend of their different characters and personalities flaunted during the concert was the best accessory to their catchy and overwhelming sound.

Finally, with the first light of the dawn already gleaming, we concluded our Primavera Sound Festival watching with a satisfied smirk the colourful cabaret show of !!! and enjoying every last moment of this edition full of wonders and surprises.

All photos by Nicola Orlandino and Giacomo Cortese.