A couple of weeks ago the famous British violinist Daniel Hope came to Barcelona to present his latest work released via Deutsche Grammophon. The album, entitled For Seasons, revolves around the famous Vivaldi‘s work (as the title itself suggests) and collects a certain number of pieces related to the famous concerts of the Venetian composer.

As a Venetian myself, I could not miss this amazing event, especially considering that the main dish of the night would have been Max Richter‘s precious reworked version of the mentioned pieces: Vivaldi Recomposed. Here below you will find a brief report of the most-awaited exhibition.

The concert took place in the enchanting framework of Barcelona’s Auditori and the venues was crowded of people of all ages who were attracted by the fame of the valuable guest along with the love for the Red Priest (that’s how Vivaldi was called due to his ginger hairs).

The first concert was the good old Vivaldi’s “Summer”. An irreproachable execution which showcased not only the lightness and agility of Hope’s bow but also all the value and experience of the OBC (Orquestra Simf√≤nica de Barcelona i Nacional de Catalunya), which performed with the British violinist for that special occasion. It was followed by a delicate and touching interpretation of Shostakovich‘s Chamber Symphony op.110a in five movements. That bewitching piece created a gloomy atmosphere and made the entire audience seem to forget about the main dish of the night for a moment.

After an appropriate 20-minutes pause, the time of Richter’s Vivaldi Recomposed finally arrived. During the 45 minutes of the exhibition it seemed as if everyone was holding their breath. The musicians led us into a multi-coloured musical world where some of the best known classical pieces of all times were rearranged based on the inspiration of a different composer giving them a new, fresh afflatus.

After the grand finale, Hope was called back on stage four times by the thunderous applause from the audience. Clearly pleased, he decided to grant an encore proposing once again Richter’s version of Vivaldi’s Summer, the Presto, the third movement. Then, after returning on stage four times more, he gently wished good night to the audience with a sweet solo version of Brahms’ Lullaby, triggering the final and warmest ovation of the night.