Among Horses I is the result of collaboration between Barcelona-based singer songwriter A Sing (Lieven Scheerlinc) and Scottish musician and singer Withered Hand (Dan Willson). It is out now via Son Canciones. Full streaming is available below.

At the ragged end of an Indian summer, September 2016, on the tiny organic farm of Anna
and Gato, off the highway from Barcelona heading north, two new friends unloaded some guitars and mics into the dusty makeshift studio of Frank. Sleeping with their notebooks in an airy part of the farmhouse they got to work making an EP together, with no expectations other than a week away from the noise of the city and the demands of work or family life.

With the hope of songs to come, they woke from dreams to the sound of birds, dogs and horses. Sharing in the life of the farm in early mornings and in the evening blessed with simple fare prepared from the field, stale plans were discarded and new ones arose. Shepherded by Frank who shrugged off a fever to add percussion, moog and bass here and there, Dan and Lieven began threshing ideas into new songs that reflect this short time and space together among the horses, in the shadow of Montserrat, Catalonia’s sacred peak.

The recordings in your hand are the result of recordings on the final days of this retreat. Some represent unfinished business maybe but this is the fruit of our time together. A brief harvest. New songs dreamed up on the farm, recorded on the farm. It is all in here somehow, from the dark nights to the dogs on the dusty road and the saints of the holy mountain. We remain, at your service, ghosts of two friends laughing in the yard with an old guitar while dogs sleep at our feet.