A few weeks ago we listened to a song by CONCERTO, a duo based in Rome and formed by Alessandro Donadei and Biancamaria Scoccia. The track was “Goodbye”, also contained in this video produced by UF Insania Film.

Still interested in following this new Italian act, we found them at work for the first official album, although they’ve composed the spot-song for the Fashion Week 2017 (watch it here), and ready to release their first album “What About Concerto” out via Totally ImportedSet-up few questions to know more the band and asked for 5 Essential Albums to figure out for an imaginary “Desert Island”.

Hello guys, let’s introduce your great project to our readers.

We’re a synth-pop duo, with several influences from the music from 80s-90s, until the modern electronic music, especially those from France and Germany. We found ourselves been inspired by the mood of the moment at the same time by our musical roots.

Your album is out since few weeks. If you should think of the first song you composed, how does it make you feel now?

We’re talking about “Universe”, the first song was written and born such collaboration. A long time ago…our way to work is improved, for sure! Our harmony is grown up as well the effort to mix quality and creativity at the same time (that’s something will never stop). Today we are satisfied, I mean we published a whole album. And is something took a form, after a hard and intensive period, this is really important to us.

Tell us three names from the Italian music scene and three labels you liked too.

Actually, we are not so updated about it, by the way, we’ve got some name that impressed us recently: Matilde Davoli, Bruno Bellissimo, Jolly Mare. About the labels, the most interesting at the moment are Fresh Yo!, White Forest and INRI.

If someone asked you to compose the soundtrack of a movie in the last 20 years, which one?

It would been fantastic to be engaged for the soundtrack of “Drive”…to be honest, would be great to compose and write tracks even for “Stranger Things”, the recent and award-winning series, the songs are marvelous!

What about the satisfaction to carry on and live up this project?

First of all to get a chance to play our music on the stage, something that really represents us. It’s not so easy to pick up this around. A lot of musical productions passing hand by hand and losing their original impulse. It sounds then a bit more mechanic, so we can say a few artist maintain and reach the final result by themselves, the ones we liked at most! We try to follow the line, and usually on the way to exclude externals links about productions and music collabs. So we are completely satisfied of what we created until today.

Essential Albums: list the five albums changed your mood to feel the music.

  1. Justice – Cross. Pure-power, a new style to achieve electronic music. Something sound pretty new at the time, nowadays it remains such a bible for many producers.
  2. Apparat – Walls. One of the best German artists, so brilliant to produce a unique sound. The voice and his melodies solutions are inimitable and surrounded by a high level of musical research.
  3. Atom ™ – HD. Another producer coming from Germany really particular and rare. If you’d listen to this album you’ll take a chance to entry in a new musical-trip. Hypnotic.
  4. Hiatus Kaiyote – Choose your weapon. A lovely album, neo-soul sonority mixed by rhythmic ideas not so common. Nai Palm got a voice so sweet and cool, it’s an album full of things to discover, just let it sounds more and more…
  5. Anderson Paak – Malibu. Anything to say? Brilliant one, until the last second. The sound brings you back to the past and to the present quickly. All the Paak’s influences inside: Hip-Hop old school, disco-funk, soul, and jazz. Masterpiece.