Rock is dead. There cannot be rock after the post rock, and punk represented it’s last breath. The playlist starts with Black FlagRise Above, a real hc manifesto. Fast music with no riff, skinhead and, of course, DIY were the main dogmas of hardcore punk. Dogmas that Black Flag violated soon with their second album, My War, which represented a radical change in look and music, opening a way for hc movement to doom or jazzcore drifts. By the way, hardcore was not only an american thing. Italian legendary hardcore punk scene made of historical bands like Negazione, Nerorgasmo, Declino or Raw Power where respected and admired also from the main characters of american punk as Jello Biafra from Dead Kennedys.
Otherwise, Sonic Youth and Steve Albini‘s signed bands and productions represented a very important root to make of hc punk the intelligent thing that moved around the 90s. A new evolving sophisticated science of noise, always effective, is in fact what you can feel listening to Fugazi. Intelligent music with an important political message that mixed the underground feminist punk movement of Riot GRRRL, that has a strong voice in all the Kathleen Hanna projects, from Bikini Kill to Le Tigre, with the new solutions against the majors and the music industry. This mathematical tension changed bands in little orchestras and fast songs in long, claustrophobic and schizophrenic suites. Slint had short life and published only two album but Spiderland is basic to understand post rock and all the distorted guitar based music that came after.
Nowadays, when we talk about new hardcore music we refer to emo or screamo. New evolutions of hc born in the late 90s with bands like American Football or Saetia, with a more emotional and introspective concept. The playlist ends with Marnero, only one of the many italian bands that are taking hardcore to another level.

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  1. Black Flag – Rise Above
  2. Negazione – Niente
  3. Sonic Youth – Bull In The Heather
  4. Bikini Kill – I Like Fucking
  5. Big Black – Bad Penny
  6. Fugazi – Blueprint
  7. Slint – Breadcrumb Trail
  8. Saetia – The Burden Of Reflecting
  9. Marnero – Non Sono Più Il Ghepardo Di Una Volta

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