Lovebrain and Diskotäschchen is the project of Mathias Götz; he plays the trombone with his own band Le Millipede, with Alien Ensemble, with G.Rag und die Landlergschwister and also with Hochzeitskapelle. Self-titled album will be out on June 2nd with via Gutfeeling Records.

The idea for this album was born when Munich-based curator Stefan Nölle invited him to his “Be my Guest” series of jazz events, because Götz immediately thought of a personal, musical retrospective. A time-traveling trip through various releases and genres, he wanted to revisit his own earlier material with other musicians, combine, retell and rework the different approaches and storylines. That’s how the band and this s/t album “Lovebrain’s Rose of Agra, Stringlane and Diskotäschchen, Mount Blakelock und die Orden der Nacht, supported by 85/86 CC, unspoken Space at Kreuz Giesing” were conceived.

Listen to “10. Dezember 2006” below.