Suddenly Woken By The Sound Of Stillness is the new  work by sound artist David Evans. It is out now via Flaming Pines. It  is an album built from explorations of movement, memory and place. In tracing his 2015 journey on the Trans-Siberian Railway this aural document excavates the porous boundaries between documentation and creation, actuality and imagination. The album traces the same arc as his original trip, but does so in order to weave a new journey out of the rhythm and cadences of life on the train. Full streaming is available below.

Tones and textures followed the speed of the train, drawing a different line of sound depending on whether it was on a straight path or moving around a bend, slowing down, taking off or speeding up. Movement and sound became attached, so that when the train came to a stop at night while I was asleep, I was suddenly woken by the sound of stillness,” he explains.