Two years later Elsewhere, London-based singer songwriter has announced the release of her second album. We Used To Bloom will be out on June 16th via Because Music. “Does It Get Easier?” is the first excerpt available for streaming.

Denai says of the track: “Does It Get Easier was probably the most rewarding song to finish for this album. This song was originally a guitar lead song, which never really worked. Playing guitar is my real comfort-zone and I knew I needed to push myself past my comfort-zone, so I took the original guitar riff out of the song. Suddenly everything felt so much more exciting, and ironically easier to progress. Lyrically this song means a lot to me, I am at times always my worst critic but I’ve realised how important it is to make peace with the “not knowing” element of life and really focus on what makes me excited and how to nurture that excitement. That is what this song is about, there are things that will always be out of my control, and it’s a beautiful thing!”.