There shouldn’t be any need to even mention this fact, but San Francisco-based Scott Hansen, better known with the moniker of Tycho, will be playing at Primavera Sound 2017 on Thursday the 1st of next June. He stopped being a “promising artist” long time ago but we want to celebrate his attendance anyway through this brief excursus over his latest three album released since 2011 via Ghostly International.

Despite Sunrise Projector and Past is Prologue being two very good works, Dive has been for sure the first huge international success of the American musician. It’s the album that officially crystallized his style, making it immediately recognisable by the general public. Songs like Daydream or Dive have the undisputed merit to have made the fame of their creator overcome the circle in which it was previously closed.

Three years later, announced by the stunning single Montana, Awake, the second album of this triad, was released. The sounds of this new work were cleaner if compared to the previous one’s; they were, in a certain sense, less “beach-y”, like enriched by a more generic-universal sensitivity. Through Awake it was also reiterated and confirmed the strict connection between Scott’s music and his graphic project ISO50, a fact that underlines strongly how Tycho is not only a musician but an artistic path in which the visual aspects are essential parts of the main project.

Finally, last year, Hansen’s latest album has been released. The title of this last fatigue is Epoch and it shows a more ethereal/dreamy afflatus on one side, but a certain taste for the techno on the other if compared with its predecessors. It surely is a well-refined piece of work, where the proverbial attention of the composer for the quality and the equilibrium of the sounds reaches new and higher levels. Despite that, it’s not a work of immediate comprehension and it needs some time and more listenings to be appreciated completely.

Tycho’s lives are a great combination between the fluidity of an instrumental live show and the perfect tempo and quality of an electronic set. Be sure not to miss him next month in Barcelona, we surely won’t.