Persian Pelican is the moniker of Andrea Pulcini, an Italian songwriter which currently lives between Rome and Barcelona. Next June he’ll be one of the Italian musicians who’ll play at the upcoming Primavera Sound Festival, so we are here to spend some words about his music in order to convince you not to miss his exhibition.

His first two self-produced full-lengths, These cats wear skirts to expiate original sin (2008) and How to prevent a cold (2012), can easily give you a taste of his melancholic but at the same time sweet music style. In particular, the latter work shows not only how valuable is Andrea as a songwriter but also his peculiarity and his taste for experimentation. His music ain’t just the classical guitar/good lyrics/delicate voice combo, there is also a good amount of musical research behind. The opening track, Everyone with his own past, shows it from scratch: a pensive, wistful ballad that surprises for the richness and complexity of its sounds.

And if all this care and attention for sound details were already incorporated in Andrea’s first self-produced works, in his latest LP, Sleeping Beauty, they reach a new level, probably thanks to his personal growth as to the external production. The third album has been released on 2016 through three of the most acknowledged Italian indie labels: Bomba Dischi, Malintenti Dischi and Trovarobato. This over-endorsement has been well deserved by an artist ready to show his musical maturity through exceedingly worthy tracks, like the enveloping Pastoral or Daydream and its dream-pop afflatus.

Persian Pelican will play at Barcelona during the Primavera Pro, so probably in the center of the city. This means that you will possibly be able to listen to his set even if you haven’t managed to get a ticket for the Festival. We suggest you not to miss the opportunity to listen live to this valuable Italian songwriter. SoM will surely be there.