For those of you who are not living in Italy, names as I Cani, Le Luci della Centrale Elettrica, Cosmo, Motta, would mean nothing. But it would be interesting to know that in Italy there is a growing new wave of indie pop musicians that are doing a wonderful path. They mix Italian authorial attitude (from the seventies and the eighties) with electronic and dance sounds. And the result is energetic and fresh. Their older brother is Stefano Rampoldi, aka Edda. Leader of the popular band Ritmo Tribale in the nineties (part of the grunge inspired Italian rock wave), he passed through heavy drug problems and was saved by a spiritual path that helped him to restart playing and singing.

Since 2009 he has been releasing three extraordinary albums (Semper Biot, Odio I Vivi, Stavolta come mi ammazzerai?) characterized by acid humor, a corrosive authorial way of writing lyrics and an explicit language in which love, death, perversions and failures are strangled in the same mud.

In 2017 the new album Graziosa Utopia is out for Woodworm label, and continues his bleeding tale of human condition with a focus on different aspects of love experience and a stronger attention to create pop songs, less skinny and with a melodic structure in evidence. The result is excellent, songs like “Signora” and “Benedicimi” are rock songs close to the last Editors, some others like “Brunello” are closer to indie sounds, while “Un pensiero d’amore” becomes suddenly a dance song. The lyrics are wounds in our flesh and Edda confirms himself to be unique in the contemporary music panorama. Thank you, older brother.