Anneka is a Brighton-based producer, singer and visual artist. Like Force is the debut ep that is out now via Anti-Ghost Moon Ray. It comes with a 10-page digital booklet made in collaboration with photographer Will Hartley. Four tracks show the dark mood of the sound, the rough electronic lines, the evocative vibes and her stunning vocals. Listen below.

Anneka has previously collaborated with artists such as Forest Swords, Ital Tek and FaltyDL and toured her solo material through the UK, Europe and Russia. Her solo sound is inspired by travel, sci-fi and literature, from the work of Haruki Murakami to the sci-fi of Ex Machina and Under The Skin. The sound combines guitar, field recordings and electronic elements, with Anneka’s vocal, layered and sampled, used as a striking instrument. The sound is a haunting, ethereal otherworldly strand of avant-garde electronica.
Life Force EP was written and mainly produced by Anneka (with help from long-term collaborator and producer Ital Tek who also mixed the tracks). The Life Force EP comes with a digital booklet of photographs and artwork created by Anneka in collaboration with photographer Will Hartley. Anneka has also directed and edited videos to accompany “End Of It” and “”Life Force, with a video for “A Strange and Distant Town” coming soon.