Andrew Tasselmyer is a Philadelphia-based ambient/drone sound artist known for his work with Hotel Neon. Resonants Moments is the first solo full*length and it is out now via Shimmering Records. Full Streaming is available below.

“The work of memory collapses time.”
-Walter Benjamin

Looking back on the past year – the most fulfilling of my life – I find particular truth in Benjamin’s eloquent description of the power of resonant memories to transcend time and context. My reflection doesn’t reveal frozen, sequential timestamps; rather, these experiences live, breathe, and resonate even more today than they did when they occurred. Time collapses.

Similarly, this album is my necessary attempt to distill individual sights, sounds, and feelings from December 2015 – October 2016 into a tangible collection. Field recordings capturing particularly Resonant Moments across the US, Canada, China, India, and the Caribbean were injected into the most honest reflections I could compose.