One year later United Crushers, Polica returned with a new single titled “Lipstick Stains” that features Boys Noize. It is released alongside Still Counts for Record Store Day on limited edition white vinyl.

Directed by Adam Dunn, the video sees POLIÇA frontwoman Channy Leaneagh and choreographer Nkechi Njaka interpreting the thumping bass of Lipstick Stains through a modern dance routine. Channy Leaneagh elaborates on the video direction:

“The video was shot in a small studio in northeast Minneapolis by director Adam Dunn using only his iPhone. I’ve always wanted to create a dance piece with my friend Nkechi Njaka, a choreographer and neuroscientist who has mentored me over the years in how to use meditation and movement as a live performer, and someone I really respect and am inspired by constantly. This was an opportunity to create movement with her in real time to a song that I care very much about.”