Lebenswelt is a one-man project of Italian musician and songwriter Giampaolo Loffredo (former Joy of Grief). Ten years later Corners Of A Drowning Faith, he returned with a new album. Shallow Nothingness In Molten Skies is out now via Under My Bed Recordings. Full streaming is available below. 

Shallow Nothingness in Molten Skies is the first release by Lebenswelt in several years. It builds over, and restarts the journey from where it left, at Out is The Cow, Staring at Life in Rain and Corners of a drowning faith . And it couldn’t have been otherwise. The record is permeated by profound vein of melancholy, that impregnates the melodies, through soft, respective, almost obsessive tunes dispersed in heavy reverberation, prepared guitars and sparse electronics.