OVERLOOK is the new series of live shows organized by Turin’s Cinema Classico and the film distribution company Movie Inspired . The goal of the event is to apply the research on independent and art productions, which already marks the selection and programming of the promoters, to the music field.

The first event of this series is a two days-event (organized in collaboration with O.F.F. Booking + management, TUM Turin Music and Escape From Today Records): the Turin cult band Larsen and the multi-instrumentalist Thor Harris (Swans and Shearwater) will perform on Saturday May 13th at the historic hall of the Cinema Classico. On Sunday, May 14th, there will be the shows of Dutch composer and liutist Jozef Van Wissem and the experimental duo composed by Paolo Spaccamonti and Paul Beauchamp to preview their upcoming album “Torturatori”.

We’re glad to share a podcast that illustrates and shows the sound concept of the series. Listen below.