3615 Nuits Blanches is a Parisian duo Antonine and Arnault (Douze). About Last Night is their debut album that will be out on May 5th via L.O.V.E. ltd. We’re glad to premiere a new track titled “Don’t Wanna Dance” that shows the enchanting female vocals and the hypnoic well-built rhythms.

Their words about it: “We really wanted to depict a playful encounter. The kind of play that could happen to any consenting adult at night. We thought it could be interesting to add that « treat them mean, keep them keen » vibe to a song. She plays hard to get, but all she wants is to dance with him. It was really fun for us to imagine the non-dance between the two of them.
The track was composed within an hour, and we wrote the dialogue really fast as well. Ideas were floating around, we just had to pick and arrange them the way we wanted to. ” Listen below.