Sadaf is a New-York-based producer and dj. “Let it Burn” is the title track of forthcoming EP that will be out this Spring and the first official release on Outside Insight. It shows again an amazing unpredictable and hectic rhythm, a real experimentation of the sound and the vocals side. Listen below.

As a follow up to DROWN IT, which floated within a sphere of nostalgia, LET IT BURN defiantly speaks to the burning of the past, parting with history, and embracing a destruction of the self. Simultaneously, LET IT BURN puts a limit on this concept of destruction, addressing a permanent residue that is difficult to erase completely. It points to the impossibility of anonymity, and the burden of selfhood. The sounds of LET IT BURN also reflect the violence and trembling flames of a chaotic construction, which rejects conventional musical structures in lieu of a jagged, piercing layering of beats, screeches, and shrieks, with a narration that anchors the abstraction of the sounds back into reality.