Jamie Stewart is involved in preserving tension in his by now mature music. Xiu Xiu’s dark wave is becoming year by year reliable, codified in well known patterns made of electronic, dark sounds, melodramatic approach to voice and melodies. After some synth pop candies (Always, 2012), a solid electro wave masterpiece (Angel Guts, 2014) and the recent ambient operas as Xiu Xiu plays Twin Peaks, with Forget the band offers another chance to listen to the best dark wave around. No matter if you already know what you’re going to listen to, it is not a matter of being surprised, it’s a matter of listening to disturbing and involving sounds and, another time, good songs.

The production by John Congleton and the contribution of some friends like Charlemagne Palestine and Kristof Hahn from Swans give to Forget (out for Polyvinyl) a particular touch with details interesting to listen to.

Xiu Xiu is still Xiu Xiu and the songs are a confirmation. From the energetic  “The Call”, with the help from the rapper Eyce Smith, to the marvelous synth and dancy touch of the pop song “Wondering”, from the sadness of the slow and delicate “Get Up” to the obscure synth in “JennyGogo”, finally to the electronic desperate lament of “Forget”, you cannot avoid the dark vocabulary offered by Jamie and his band. Despair, love, death, suffering, all put in music with increasing elegance and touch. Go Jamie gogo.