The Garden is a constantly evolving, conceptual new-punk band based in Orange County, California. Established in 2011 by twin brothers Wyatt (bass guitar) and Fletcher Shears (drums). The bandconsistently defies categorization and continues to break ground in their self inflicted ‘Vada Vada’ genre.

The first wave of Punk music was born to produce a disruptive change with the past. What The Garden are trying to do is to give a new interpretation to this feeling.

“U Want The Scoop?” is the new release by the band. The concept behind this work is simple: to make music in a total freedom atmosphere of expression without boundaries or guidelines.

It is impossibile to include the 5 tracks in a specific music genre. Simply you cannot find a definition because they are trying to go across the music borders. Guitars, melodies, sound effects, objects, voices, dj scratch sound, whistling ducks can be heard in each track. An extrasensory journey beyond the known. A journey into the brilliant minds of these two twins.

To better understand try to listen to tracks like “Have a good day” with an impressive bass guitar background and a rap interlude, “All access” with a Boogie-woogie melody, “Clay” – the first track – featuring the dj scratch sound and (at the end) a new wave melody.

“After all this time we’ve gone this path all the people that have came and passed it’s not over yet ” (Clay).

Lyrics are not banal. They talk about life, growth, music-industry, subtle political critique against Donald Trump:

You think you’re really better than us because now you’ve got the power you’re under the impression that you’ve got big balls because you own a couple towers it’s not possession that makes the man don’t ya’ know?“.

Wipe out all musical rules to create something new, fresh and above all: different. Surprising! 

Listening tips: try to listen this album driverless, just enjoy the music. When you have finished, write on a paper how you feel. Every time you listen to it you’ll probably feel in a different way.