The Sinking Skies is the project led by the Sidney-based musician and singer-songwriter Kell Derrig-Hall. Six years later debut album Routine and War, he has announced the release of a new one. Head In The Trees, Heart On The Ground will be out on April 21 via Preservation. Listen below.

Derrig-Hall has solidified the line-up of The Singing Skies since Routine and War (which featured Melbourne’s Laura Jean and Jen Cloher band drummer Jen Sholakis) with a band featuring guitarists Jon Hunter (The Holy Soul) and Ben Morgan (Ernest Ellis, Cameras), as well as Lia Tsamoglou (aka Melodie Nelson), cellist Robin Dixon and drummer Ben James. Tsamoglou’s spectral harmonies are once again a defining highlight on Head In The Trees, Heart On The Ground, and joining in with his distinctive baritone on the song “If The thunder Brings The Rain“ is Jack Ladder.

Derrig-Hall recorded Head In The Trees, Heart On The Ground in the rural surrounds of Bundanon on the NSW South Coast, returning to Sydney for additional production with Tim Kevin, who’s recently worked with Holly Throsby and Youth Group.