Connecting Dots. A playlist as a map to reach new places.

This playlist drives the listener deep inside the life of one of the most influential songwriter ever existed, Nick Cave. From the punk drunk blues beginning in Australia with the Birthday Party to the attractive and avant-garde atmosphere of Berlin, where the Birthday Party’s story ends and where Nick Cave meets Blixa Bargeld, leader of the proto noise group Einsturzende Neubauten. It’s the birth of the Bad Seeds, not a simple band but a sort of little orchestra here to serve the lyrics of King Ink. The gotic poetry of Nick Cave is now accompanied with a new mix of southern American sounds like blues and spiritual, derailed with a breathtaking sense of darkness.
His legacy is soon recognizable in younger songwriter like PJ Harvey. Our  playlist will touch one of her best works, To Bring You My Love”, written during a brief relationship between the same Polly Jean and Nick Cave. Nowadays, especially after the last minimal and heart-wrenching work dedicated to the memory of Nick Cave’ tragically dead son Arthur, “Skeleton Tree”, the Bad Seeds are almost reduced at the single Warren Ellis. The Dirty Three’s violin reached Bad Seeds in 1996 becoming soon a perfect musical partner for Nick Cave. Together they formed the garage rock band Grinderman and, as a couple, they signed the soundtrack for several film and documentaries.

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1. The Birthday Party – Mr. Clarinet
2. Einsturzende Neubauten – Yu Gung
3. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – The Mercy Seat
4. PJ Harvey – Working For The Man
5. Dirty Three – Ember
6. Nick Cave & Warren Ellis – Song For Jesse/Moving On

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