Ondrej Zajac is a Prague-based guitarist and experimental sound artist. One year later Monolith, he released a new album. ICU is out now via London-based label ACR. His words about the album:

“You wake up and the world is silky. The night lights are reflecting off the metal surfaces and glass. You try to remember where you are and something squeezes your shoulder. It’s a blood pressure monitor, unnoticed up until now. You are connected to a heap of cables and tubes, your fingers keep finding new ones. Everything is swarming, objects overlap, you don’t know what’s static and what’s not. Dilutions are dripping in the infusions. Your head pulsates with the sounds of machines, the roaring of the air conditioning, the quiet but fast steps of the nurses in the hallway of the Intensive Care Unit.

It’s hard to tell if you’re awake or dozing off, in your sleep you saw all the dreams one can ever dream, there’s a foul aftertaste in your mouth. You see faces, silhouettes, the people change. Someone is talking to you as you are falling asleep. The eighth operation. Slowly, you are starting to enjoy this state, which you know is much better than the upcoming one – the one when your head becomes clean and you start feeling the pain. You’ve never taken a drug, but life and its effort to take yours, has taught you about many different states of mind.

Don’t expect nice melodies, this music makes your head ache. It’s trying to capture the state before the operation, the post-anaesthetic hazy condition, and the painful recovery. It faithfully captures a short and unexpected chapter, which left a big mark.”