Two years later Blossoms in Red, Ensemble Economique (the project of American multi-instrumentalist Brian Pyle) has announced the release of a new album. In Silhouette will be out on March 31st via Denovali Records.  “Gonna Get Right With God, Right After This Next Cigarette” is the first excerpt. Listen below.

Pyle’s latest opus dials up the cinematic flourishes that have graced many of his earlier recordings, through his sinewed synth-tone undulations, polyphonous ostinato, Wolfgang Voigt pulses, and fractalized cascades of generative serialism. All of this glides through the patterned electronic chiaroscuro atmospheres that are at once ethereal and haunted, dotted with male and female vocals whispering unknowable secrets. This tech-gnosticism flickers with light and shadow through Pyle’s rich production and beckons for the big screen, as Pyle’s work is grandiose in scale, psychologically nuanced, and deeply affecting. “In Silhouette” is the twelfth Ensemble Economique album.