Belle and Sebastian, Franz Ferdinand, Mogwai- Glasgow is a centre of musical excellence loved by many but underneath the wet puddles that grace the darkening streets a number of little known but hugely creative and exciting bands are waiting to be unearthed. Here are just 5 of these wee beauties hiding behind the rocks:

Colin’s Godson cover every type of pop from bubblegum to prog and do it all with an ability to make your simple glass of weak orange squash taste like a beautiful can of Tennent’s Lager washing down a microwave dinner. “Microwave song” by Colin’s Godson

The Pooches fresh from playing SXSW look likely to explode out of the kennels any time now. The 4 piece produce simple guitar led pop that has the ability to hook you more than a pirate with no hands. “Heart attack” by The Pooches

Dr Cosmo’s Tape Lab wear their 60’s influences just under their hats but sometimes these hats fall off and you realise this band is so much more than that. Melodies from the moon smothered in harmonies from those sun drenched Glasgow streets. “In Lieu of Something better” by Dr Cosmo’s Tape Lab

: ( or Colon open bracket, if you like have always produced sumptuous chip-tune based pop but their last release 2016’s ‘LightsOut’ has added an emotional depth to a genre which is often viewed as cold and emotionless. “RightThisTime” by : (

The Hector Collectors latest album is entitled ‘The Boring Album’ thankfully it is anything but. It is a fine collection of underrated lofi gems. This homage to a now defunct cult British game show is particularly catchy with hilarious, pant wetting lyrics. “Fifteen to One by” The Hector Collectors