Captain Mantell is the Italian project led by Tommaso Mantelli (vocals, guitar) with Mauro Franceschini (drums) and Sergio Pomante (saxophones). Three years later Bliss, they returned with a new album. Dirty White King is out now via Overdrive, Dischi Bervisti, Dischi Sotterranei, Cave Canem DIY. It features Nicola Manzan (strings and mellotron) and Francesco Chimenti (cellos and vocals). Full streaming is available below.

Dirty White King, the latest LP from Captain Mantell, moves on a darker and powerfull direction than the previous works of the trio. It tells the story of a symbolic king murder using new recordings techniques and a cinematographic approach which make this album sounding like an heavy soundtrack for a obscure film.

It’s not easy to find a reference because this album sounds like a mix of different inspirations melted together in a new strange way. The darkness of the record is well described by the complex artwork of Seals Of Blackening.