One year later One Day, Japanese pianist and composer Akira Kosemura has released a new work. Our Own Picture EP is out now via Japanese label Schole.

Akira Kosemura’s “Someday”, featuring Devendra Banhart as a guest vocalist, will be digitally released as limited edition EP. In this EP includes “Someday (Reworked 2017)”, a reworked version produced by Akira Kosemura, is filled with a mystical atmosphere and floating feeling, “Sphere” is a polyphonic ensemble track played with synthesizer and electric piano, “Stillness of the Holy Place” is a piano solo improvisation music which is live recorded at church, and “Someday (Original version). Listeners can sense the variations in Akira Kosemura’s music through these pieces of music.

Watch the official video for the track “Someday“. It was directed by Kimihiko Nitta.