A new Bonus Compilation created and composed even to celebrate our 7th birthday. At this turn, we collaborated with other tonnes of great artist and bands we’re following since a long time; some of them just released a new album, some working also with a personal label or preparing a featuring with names more known in the music biz.

Listen below, artwork made by our pal Giuseppe Manta.



1. A Copy for Collapse •  Active since 2012, his new Ep “Silent Wander” was released last February, an oscillation between shoegaze, ambient and chill-out

2. Enola Bit • They’re working for the first official release, dance-pop oriented act.

3. The Academy • A pop-song floating in the space, thanks to the touch of the unknown Congarou, sound-designer fascinated by Modeselektor and TEED.

4. Corridoiokraut • An electronic act totally addicted and raped by loops ad glitch sounds.

5. Zabelov Group • Zabelov Group is duo of Belarusian accordionist and Czech drummer, new album out soon via Minority Records, keep an eye on these kids.

6. Luskaet •  A producer based in Bologna and supported by Panorama Musique Records.

7. Buckingum palace • “Macedonia” is the debut album out a few weeks ago for this pleasure-loving post-rock trio.

8. Valerio Cosi • Probably one of the most active italian electronic musicians, actually living in Berlin, just founded an own label called Dreamsheep.

9. Mr Everett • Mixing synth-pop, EDM and garage, for the real pop-song of this selection.

10. Torakiki • Get in touch with the ambient, the deep side of: waiting for the new album.

11. N.O.N. • Nostalgic landscapes, since 2012 ft. Lemon Lights: in-depth techno traveller from Rome.

12. Groove Squared • From the late 90’s ’till nowadays, a long experience on the dancefloor mixing house & funky, deep & techno and a new record to be out soon.

13. Frnkbrt • From Rome pronounced Frank Brait, he’s also in Misto Mame Collective.

14. Deckard • A sound engineer and a ghost producer, unless the director of Cavo Fest.

15. Kosmiko • He loves turntables, played also with Jeff Mills and Grandmaster Flash, but here we’ve got a lunar and intense atmosphere for our closing.