Vex Ruffin is a self-taught musician and producer born in Los Angeles and based in Chino Hills. Conveyor is the new album that will be out onApril 7th via Stones Throw Records. “Front” is the new excerpt available for streaming. Listen below.

Conveyor is a personal narrative for Vex Ruffin. While in the process of recording the record, Vex was losing sleep to his job, where he was working the graveyard shift. This lack of sleep and not allowing his body to recharge sent Vex’s life into flux, causing personal and internal struggles in his mental and emotional self. The concept of the conveyor – or being stuck in a continuous loop, routinized down the conveyor belt while attempting to break free – was the inspiration behind the making of the record.
Vex explains in his own words, 
Recording is very therapeutic for me and I think thats why there’s so much repetitiveness in my lyrics – it’s my meditation. I think there are two Vex Ruffins in each song: there’s one asking for help and one thats helping the other one.”