The former member of Wolf Parade and Sunset Rubdown, Spencer Krug is back with the fourth full- length album My Best Human Face, in collaboration with Finnish rock band Siinai, released on June 3, 2016. This new work is the second album in collaboration with the Finnish band and it was recorded again in Finland.

It is not easy to speak about this work, especially because it’s something that we are not used to listen from Krug. After two records of piano-only music, he returns to the guitars, synths, and great rhythms.

The first and the last tracks “The Nightclub Artiste” and “The Queen Of Both Darkness And Light” create a framework inside which there is the hearbeat of this work.

“I sometimes don’t know who I am, or if I’m as kind and generous and happy as other people. The title speaks to the vague theme of identity-confusion that is loosely woven into the songs – a reoccurring theme I recognised only after the writing was done”.

Something that we all have felt many times in our lives and of which this work is the mirror. Krug has a beautiful and soft cloud-vocals.

“Risto’s Riff” was the first single and the second track of the album. “This song originated with a pleasingly simple riff” has become the symbol song of the album. A confused identity: the instability of a man in a trapeze, the disquiet of a bird in the night and the vanishing of a ghost of the radio. In the chorus there is a photographer that freezes things in place versus the narrator who identifies with the transmittance of the radio instead.

In each of the 7 long-tracks there is an attention to detail, a particular melodic moment and a lyric about life-contrasts.

“City Wrecker” was recorded first. Although the instrumentals were recorded with the whole band in one room playing together, Krug’s vocals were recorded over a year later.

The instruments find their own-space, they can find freedom expression space but in complete harmony with the voice. The album’s explosive finale is ‘The Queen of Both Light and Darkness”, with hard guitars, percussion and synths in a very powerful rock closing organ-flavored.

This concept album dresses very well on Krug and Siinai. There is complete vocal and music harmony. An attempt to express the contrasts of life without necessarily having to look for an immediate solution. Speaking of contrasts for what they are and what they represent in the life of each of us.

Krug can finally express his vocal abilities, limited in his previous works. He feels comfortable with the instruments accompanying him and what this long-work has given to us is a beautiful and peaceful story.