Oaks are: Daniele Annese (20) Gabriele Terlizzi (19) Silvio Annese (17). They registered and mastered this 6 tracks at REH Studio with Dario Tatoli aka MAKAI, and publishing “The Sun Is Too Brilliant” just a few days ago.

Main rule: to play and joke around the melodic lines such concept, it seems post-rock but it’s not, with jazz moments revealing pleasure-loving insights. Listen below the album, artwork made by Massimiliano Di Lauro .


Well, thanks to the collaboration of 11 labels between Scotland and Italy, you could grab your copy at these places: Longrail Records (Torino), New Sonic Records (Roma),Upwind Productions (Bari), Lafine (Eboli), Sciroppo Dischi (Anagni), Fisherground (Mola), Astio Collettivo (Perugia),Dingleberry Records (Gießen), Lepers Produtcions (Milano), Oh!Dear Records (Glasgow), Dischi Decenti (Roma).