Oslo-based musician and composer Benjamin Finger is one of our favorite artists. One year later 10, he returns with a new album. Ghost Figures will be out on March 7th via italian label Oak Editions (owned and managed by the ambient artists Francesco Giannico & Alessio Ballerini). The tracks are piano pieces recorded over the period of two years. We are glad to premiere the official video for th first excerpt “Distance of a Shadow (Ghostflowers)“.

The tracks are a collection of many hours of rehearsing and improvising alone in front of the piano. These sessions were recorded using a field recorder and then later processed and re-worked in the studio. It´s based largely around deceptively repetitive piano movements. Some of the tracks are very stripped down to their essential elements while others have been given a re-brush, adding new sounds beneath, such as cello and different instruments where it seemed fit. The use of various filters and pedals have been used occasionally to manipulate certain parts of the melodies. The idea behind the album was to let go of all kinds of emotions and just try to create an open minded album that could be both warm and melancholic but at the same time dramatic and dark. The album consists of 14 tracks.