Artwork by Marco Mazzotta


We set up a special mixtape for our 7th Birthday. My AweSOMe Winter Mixtape includes the best releases of January and the most interesting upcoming release of February, March and April (just write and search, in our website, the name of the artists to read more about the releases). You can listen tracks fromĀ Gailes (Benoit Pioulard + Rafael Anton Irisarri), Elli de Mon, Phill Reynolds & Matthew Paul Butler, Francesco Giannico, James Murray, Hand Habits, Loess, HAWK, Daigo Hanada, Half Waif, Matt Jencik, Henry Green, Surf Philosophies, Wicked Expectation, Anjou, High Planes, Earthen Sea, Steve Smith, Rosie Carney, Poppy Nogood. Listen below.


1. Daigo Hanada – Solitude
2. Gailes – Requiem For An Airport Television Newsread
3. James Murray – Footsteps
4. Francesco Giannico – See
5. Rosie Carnie – Awake Me
6. Elli de Mon – Lullaby – Jhulave_Maya
7. Matt Jencik – Cosmic Horror
8. High Plains – Cinderland
9. Hand Habits – Flower Glass
10. Phill Reynolds – Hey Kid
11. Anjou – Soucouyant
12. Matthew Paul Butler – How Shall We Be Saved
13. Earthen Sea – Exuberant Burning
14. Wicked Expectation – Starigrad
15. Loess – Striae
16. Surf Philosophies – Come in in The Feeling
17. HAWK – Take It Away
18. Steve Smith – My Favorite Shoes
19. Poppy Nogood – The light hits you eyes_i blink
20. Half Waif – Frost Burn
21. Henry Green – More Than This