Special week, special guests. We asked to Giovanna Taverni (Indiependente Magazine) to set up a selection of 10 Leonard Cohen songs. Her words about the playlist:

One of the greatest songwriters¬† of all time, a poet, a Canadian errant: Leonard Cohen songs go along with us from the second half of the Twentieth Century, A Wonderful musical legacy for the contemporary man. CHOOSE ten songs of his immense discography means definitely leave some of his masterpieces, some of his finest melodies (and words). But I know for sure that ten songs are enough to fall in love with that voice that changes from record to record, which becomes hoarse as you go forward in time to discover it, from the fulminating debut with “Songs of Leonard Cohen”, until to the final act of farewell to the life and music of “You Want It Darker” last year. About a month ago I spent an entire afternoon to listen to the discography of Leonard Cohen with a person who was curious to analyze it. In some cases all always starts from “Chelsea Hotel # 2”, from the warm meeting under the sheets between Cohen and Janis Joplin: the perfect introduction to the poetry of Leonard, to how he managed to abstract the universal from the specifics. What we love about Cohen is humanity, with all its secrets and swerves, the feeling of when we forget to pray for the angels and the angels forget to pray for us, and we move towards new roads or back to ourselves as “Bird on the Wire”.