There is a light that never goes out, the light of radicalism against the shadows of authoritarianism and every kind of modern fascisms. This positive radicalism is well embodied by Austra and their delicious synth pop. After one week of Trump’s reign, listening to Future Politics is like breathing fresh air after vomiting.

Guided by canadian Katie Stelmanis, Austra arrive to their third album, out in January 2017 for Domino Records, with the awareness that a radical hope is necessary: “an effort to substitute the coming dystopia”.

Austra think that everyone has the responsibility to build a better future for all, against all the individualisms of this grey present. And they take the responsibility to create urgent hymns based on a brilliant electronic structure that creates the base for the lyric voice of Katie. Maya Postepski (TR/ST), Dorian Wolf and Ryan Wonsiak help Katie to follow the path created by bands like Massive Attack, for whom the dancefloor is a place to share ideas besides sweat. The result is a list of meaningful and melodic songs.

From the luminescence of “Future Politics”, a Ladytron-oriented synthetic pearl, to the solemnity of “We Were Alive”, based on the contrast between the angelic voice and a deep bassline; from the single “I Love You More Than You Love Yourself”, a track in which an M83 attitude to brilliant pop songs plays with a iper melodic texture, to “I’m A Monster” with its dramatic techno-crescendo, Future Politics offers a journey into the best ways to play synth pop nowadays.

Maybe someone won’t like the lyric voice of Katie, but the mix of her voice and electronic structure is really original and very interesting to listen to.