Federico Dal Pozzo is a Turin-based composer. His works are based upon concrete objects and the transfiguration and perception of the sound and audio-spatialization Untitled_TeVeT is the new album that is out now via Krysalisound. Excerpts are available for streaming. Listen below.

“Untitled_TeVeT ” is an acousmatic composition generates from the freezing sound of the 380kg ice cube development, and it consists of a space-time continuously evolving score based on the interpolation of granular synthesis and extreme resonances. The work is made up of 2 connected and continuous movements which evolves for a total of 59 minutes. The first movement is about the sound of space travellers and extreme resonances of the icecube; the second movement is the sound of the freezing by a 380 kg ice cube and its granular and rezo synyhesis.