Two years later their debut ep, London based 5 piece Pocket Dragon have announced the release of a new double A side single titled 35 Degrees’/‘Vagabond Capulet. We’re glad to share the premiere of the track “Vagabond Capulet” that shows their versatile style with jazz and funk lines, soul and r’n’b connections and a delicate hypnotic vocals. Their words about the track: “Vagabond Capulet, set in that romantic french city that everyone knows, is about trying to find something real in a place full of pretending and absence. Melancholy somehow translates well in fusion funk”. Listen below.

Since graduating from music college, the DIY group have been creating jazz with a new-age vibe in their home studio, PD HQ, leading to the release of their first EP in 2015. Since then, they have stepped on the jazz scene playing at Cheltenham and Cambridge jazz festival as well as supporting established acts such as Lola’s day off.