Some of you may be wandering “what happened to UNKLE?“, the british musical outfit founded in 1994. Well, “Daydreaming With…” is an art exhibition series which tries to expose the public to a multisensorial experience based, primarily, on music and visual arts. James Lavelle, UNKLE’s founder, transformed himself in an art curator to start this project back in 2010, with the first exhibition which took place at Haunch of Venison, in London.

Due to the success of the first exhibition, Lavelle exported it for a second try to Hong Kong in 2012 and repeated the experiment in 2016 with an exhibit dedicated to film director Stanley Kubrick.

Each time, Lavelle chooses among promising and well known artist such as 3D (Massive Attack), director  Jonathan Glazer, Azzi Glasser, Futura, Polly Borland and Nick Cave, and many more.

If you didn’t get a chance to participate to one of these stunning experiences managed by Lavelle, who has always been surrounded by an extraordinary number of great artists both in this project and in his musical carreer, the next “Daydreaming With…” is scheduled from January 20th to February 23rd 2017. It’ll take place in London again at Lazarides Rathbone and It’s going to be very promising as it will be an occasion both to celebrate 25 years of the UNKLE musical project and the release of a new album: The Road.

Lavelle released an emotional video which describes the forthcoming exhibit . You can watch it here.

If you’re interested in the project, please visit: