Finally, the most interesting post punk album of the year.  Eagulls, formed in Leeds in 2010, consists of Mark Goldsworthy (guitar), Henry Ruddel (drums), Liam Matthews (guitar), Tom Kelly (bass), and George Mitchell (vocals). After a first attempt with the first album in 2014, with good attention from critics, the have released Ullages in may 2016.

There are two many reasons why Ullages is so interesting. First of all for the sense of urgency of these songs and the tension that pours from the sorrowful voice of Michael. Secondly for the solidity of their sound, with good songs that insert themselves in the middle of the flow created 30 years ago by The Cure and Echo and the Bunnymen and reprised by The Horrors, the main point of reference for Eagulls. Not a revival, of course, because contemporary post punk speaks to people suffering now.

The guitar of the starting “Head of trails” creates a gothic incipit for a sad anthem based on the fading guitar riffs and a slow drum. The desperate vocals of the following “Euphoria” and its 4/4 gives energy to the listener. A slow episode, “My Life in rewind”, places itself near dream pop attitude and The Horrors are very present. “Velvet” is a delicate gothic song, with a 80’s melody taken from some memories of the Icehouse.

A solid sound based on guitars, a deep drum, a gothic and inspired voice build up a new brick in the wall of a part of british rock, trying to survive and to make people feel deep emotions from the bother of these days.