British producer Edit Select, aka Tony Scott, has released two new collaborations on his label Edit Select Records: an EP with American producer Mike Parker, out on October 21st and an album together with Italian talent Antonio Ruscito released on November 25th. We had a little talk with him about this releases and his music.


Let’s start from your last releases. Two collaborations with Antonio Ruscito and Mike Parker. What about both works?

The main focus on both of these projects was to create something new: with Mike you have a timeless groove that could be from 1960 or 2060 so I just added the necessary ingredients to make it evolve without being intrusive ..

Working with Antonio was completely opposite but my role in the project was extremely enjoyable being able to sit back and direct the music into its final state.

What is the concept for your exploration of sound? And what is your approach to remix works?

My approach to all remix work is to make the artists track fit into my set: if there is one part of a proposed remix I can use I will in most circumstances proceed.

Remixes are IMO very important for DJ’s to stamp there style on whether it be in layout or sound.
There will be live dates to present this works?

Yes there will be a live but Antonio has had some health issues with his shoulder that are ongoing, I hope he finally gets better so we can have the fun we deserve with the live shows.

You run your own label. What are the complications related to current music market when you run a record label?

I have had my own label for 10 years next year so there have been many issues that I have had to deal with : the current market is leaning toward the harder side of techno and its popularity so I have to be very careful with pressings  etc .

Trying to keep your identity is the most important thing and moving forward with the industry.

What are the best releases you have appreciated this year?
This year I have enjoyed my own labels output, Northern Electronics & Luke Slater and his PAS project : easily my most played tracks.