The right sound played in the right time with the wrong attitude. This summary (to be true, a bit severe with Trentemoller) is just to say that with the new release Fixion, out for In my Room, the danish producer offers an excellent encyclopedia of dark wave sound, in a time in which (as often substained in this pages) dark sounds are the most fit soundtrack. The fact is that it is created without the aim to express the obscure and introspective sense of dark music, only with the pleasure to express love for those sounds. The sound is present, the spirit is absent.

Trentemoller has embraced the seductive medusa of dark wave since last album Lost, in which his research of those sounds was already present. With Fixion he definitely leaves ordinary electronic textures to dedicate the sound fully to dark.

The producer is really effective in this field and some great songs represent his ability to create a link with the present dark wave scene, in my opinion the most important value of this collection.

From the painful notes of the starting “One eyed open”, an elegant encounter between Dead Can Dance and Savages, to the deep beat and the distorted bassline of “Never Fade”, which embraces Bauhaus and Trst togheter.

From the brilliant single “River in me”, with the vocals of Jenny Beth from Savages, a great short circuit among Siouxie, Soft Cell and the insane genius of Soft Moon. To the magic of “November”, with the guitar remembering the glory of The Cure and the contemporary obscure attitude of Cold Cave.

If you are looking for the dirty spirit of dark this is not the right place, but if you love dark wave in Fixion you will find good songs, great sounds and a good will to create interesting music.